5 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Virtual Assistant

The “why” behind utilizing the talents of a Virtual Assistant vary from client to client. Some may need little help​ immediately and others may need support for 20 or more hours per week. Larger firms optimize the talents of a VA by working with them on special projects, marketing launches, etc. The professionals at Bridger Virtual Solutions want to share with you the top reasons for working with a Virtual Assistant.

  1. The VA is off-site. They never come to the client’s office to work, therefore there is no need to supply office space, purchase additional or expensive office equipment, or furniture.

  2. Bridger Virtual Solutions is a registered company, which means we operate as an independent contractor. No need to worry about payroll, state and federal deductions, payroll taxes, or costly employment practices issues.

  3. Minimal training—Our professionals are trained in a variety of markets and the learning curve is relatively small.

  4. The client is paying for project and work time as opposed to “office time.”

  5. The client has access to administrative professionals!

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