How many clients do you take on at one time? What is your selection process?

Although we may work with more than one client at a time, we only onboard one at a time to ensure that the new client receives the dedicated attention they need throughout the initial days and weeks. We only accept a new client when we can guarantee that doing so will not cause an interruption in quality service for existing clients. That same dedication and first-rate service continues even after the on-boarding process.

The majority of our clients have all been long-term, lasting up to five years for one, six years for another, and ten years for yet another. Companies sell or they outgrow a virtual team, or the purchasing company takes on our services. Because of the length of time we spend building professional relationships, we are as selective about new clients as clients should be about to whom they outsource. We consider a variety of factors and ask a lot of questions to ensure we're the right solution for your business.



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